Rates Restoration (RR) - Asia to Mediterranean/Adriatic


Please note that with effect from 15th April and 15th May 2013 (based on bill of lading date); UASC will be implementing Rates Restoration (RR) at USD 525 per TEU respectively for shipment ex Asia to Mediterranean/Adriatic.

The increase is essential given the declining revenue that we are currently experiencing in order to sustain our current services for this trade.

Far East to Mediterranean/Adriatic Trade

WEF 15th April: Rates Restoration – USD 525 per TEU
WEF 15th May : Rates Restoration – USD 525 per TEU

It is applicable for both dry (including special equipment) and reefer cargo.

Should you have any questions relating to the above, or any general enquiry, kindly contact your local UASC sales office.