Refrigerated cargo

UASC offers reefer cargo services to its growing customer base. Our young reefer fleet features cutting edge technology, supported by a team of international shipping experts. Appropriate product preparation is vital to ensure success in transporting reefer cargo, and our consultants will help designing the complete cycle in this process including temperature, humidity and ventilation, among other specifications, and quality control procedures. Our Reefer  Management practices ensure the highest levels of quality, excellence and satisfaction for our customers.

To become the temperature controlled cargo carrier of choice, UASC Reefer Management provides specific trade lanes for its direct and fast transit mainline services with special focus on Middle East origins/destinations, builds long term customer relationships with customers, and provides quality equipment and support.

UASC operates one of the youngest reefer fleets in the industry

50% is less than one year old equipped with AV+ Technology

90% of UASC fleet is less than 5 years old

Reefer container - side view

Customer checklist for reefer cargo

  • Check that unit is set at the correct carrying temperature
  • Check that ventilation is set at the correct level in cbm/hour (for frozen cargo, ventilation is always CLOSED)
  • When using Automatic Ventilation – check that AV+ is activated
  • Check that Humidity Control is set at the correct level (for frozen cargo humidity control is always OFF)
  • Cargo should be pre-cooled to the carrying temperature (with only minor deviations, depending on the commodity)
  • Airflow should not be restricted by the cargo or packaging material
  • Do not stuff cargo above the height of the red load-line
  • Container doors should be closed immediately after the stuffing has been completed and a seal securely affixed
  • Container should be plugged in to a stable power source as soon after the stuffing as possible