M.V ASIR Incident


UNITED ARAB SHIPPING COMPANY (SAG) regrets to report that on or about 0835 hrs. UTC on May 11, 2013, off Abu Elkizan Island (25-01 N and 036-05 E) an explosion occurred in the Engine Room of its vessel m.v. ASIR en route from Suez to Jeddah resulting in the loss of power of the vessel besides injuries to three of its officers. Two of the injured officers have already been removed from the vessel for medical treatment. The vessel is now on emergency power and has developed a slow drift. UASC has already entered into towage contracts for moving the vessel to Jeddah where she was originally bound.

The UASC vessel mv JEBEL ALI is near m.v. ASIR providing standby assistance until the towage operations commence. Efforts are continuing to restore power to the vessel. There is no damage to cargo nor any pollution on board the vessel or at sea but the towage operations may entail a couple of days after which the cargo on board would be discharged.

UASC regrets the inconvenience caused to its customers and Partners on account of the incident but is taking all steps to minimize the hardship to the extent possible.

A further press release will follow regarding the discharge and delivery of cargo on board the vessel once the time lines are more clearly known closer to the conclusion of towage operations.