Improving Design

UASC is investing in modernizing its fleet by building larger, LNG-ready vessels, with state of the art engines and more efficient hull lines. Our newbuilding program, worth over USD 2.3 billion, comprises 17 ships to be delivered between November 2014 and September 2016; eleven 15,000 TEU vessels and six 18,800 TEU vessels. The vessels will be among the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly vessels in the world.
UASC has deployed several technologies and solutions within this area:

  • LNG-Ready
  • Waste heat recovery system
  • Hull coatings
  • Cold ironing
  • Energy Saving System (ESS)

Environmental facts about the recently introduced A15 class vessels:

  • With a capacity of 15,000 TEU (A15), the DNV GL classed vessels are the largest and most eco-efficient vessels in this capacity range. Preliminary calculations indicate an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) value that is close to 50% below the 2025 limit established by the IMO.
  • A15 vessels are one of the first to receive an Energy Efficiency Certificate with documented EEDI.
  • The vessels received DNV GL’s CLEAN class notation, which documents that the new generation ships comply with environmental regulations beyond today’s normal IMO
  • All A15 vessels are equipped with shore-to-ship power supply solution for zero emissions at berth, which is documented by the “Shore Power” class notation by DNV GL.

Environmental Containers
UASC has always sought the most environmentally-friendly materials for its containers, such as water-borne sealants and varnishes.
We are gradually implementing bamboo flooring on our standard dry equipment, which will replace plywood and consequently help to minimize our contribution to deforestation. Bamboo is a sustainable source as it grows as quickly as grass and can be cut after four to seven years, compared to 60 years for traditional tropical wood.
UASC’s latest refrigerated containers use insulation foam, which has a very low global warming potential. In the future, we plan to use water-based paints.