Glossary beginning with P

Particular average
Packed weight
Packing List
List of packages for each shipment showing individual breakdown in weights/measures.
Wooden structure generally 48 x 48 used to support cargo and ease movement by forklifts.
Particular Average
Partial loss or damage to goods.
Pentle Hook
Steel pivot upon which chassis and cab are connected.
Per Diem
Cost per day. Charge on container held by customers for an extended time; charges levied upon a trucker due to late return of equipment.
Perils of the Sea
Most losses covered by a marine insurance policy come within the comprehensive expression"perils of the sea,"which refers to damage caused by heavy weather, strandings, strikings on rocks or on bottom, collision with other vessels, contacts with floating objects, etc.
Where vessels pull alongside for loading/discharging.
Pier to House
Cargo received at pier loaded in a container and picked up at destination terminal intact by consignee.
Pier to Pier
Cargo movement delivered loose to pier at origin point and picked up loose at destination terminal.
Point-to-point movement of one transportation vehicle on another.
As used in marine insurance policies, the term denotes petty thievery, the taking of small parts of a shipment, as opposed to the theft of a whole shipment or large unit. Many ordinary marine insurance policies do not cover against pilferage, and when this coverage is desired, it must be added to the policy
Pilot Boat
Conveys pilot to ocean vessel.
Place of Delivery
Actual final destination of cargo could be water or inland.
Place of Rest
The term"Place of Rest"as used in the Containerized Cargo Rules means that location on the floor, dock, platform or doorway at the CFS to which cargo is first delivered by shipper or agent thereof.
Plimsoll Mark
Depth to which a vessel may safely load, identified by a horizontal line around the ships hull.
Port Authority
A government body (city, county or state) which in international shipping maintains various airports and/or ocean cargo pier facilities, transit sheds, loading equipment warehouses for air cargo, etc. Has the power to levy dockage and wharfage charges, landing fees, etc.
Port of Discharge
Port where vessel is off loaded and cargo discharges.
Port of Entry
A port at which foreign goods are re-admitted into the receiving country.
Port of Loading
Port where cargo is loaded aboard the vessel lashed and stowed
Moving of empty equipment from surplus areas to deficient areas.
Power of Attorney
A document that authorizes a customs broker to sign all customs documents on behalf of an importer.
Preliminary advice that a letter of credit has been established in the form of a brief authenticated wire message. It is not an operative instrument and is usually followed by the actual letter of credit.
Prepaid Bill of Lading
Freight paid prior to movement. Money to be paid prior to issuance of bill of lading.
Prepaid Freight
Generally speaking, freight charges both in ocean and air transport may be either prepaid in the currency of the country of export or they may be billed collect for payment by the consignee in his local currency. However, on shipments to some countries freight charges must be prepaid because of foreign exchange regulations of the country of import and/or rules of steamship companies or airlines.
Price Quotation/ Proforma Invoice
An invoice prepared by the seller in advance of shipment that documents the cost of goods sold, freight, insurance, and other related charges. It is often used by the buyer to secure a letter of credit, an import license or a foreign currency allocation.
Prima Facie
Latin,"on first appearance."A term frequently encountered in foreign trade. When a steamship company issues a clean bill of lading, it acknowledges that the goods were received"in apparent good order and condition"and this is said by the courts to constitute prima facie evidence of the conditions of the containers; that is, if nothing to the contrary appears, it must be inferred that the cargo was in good condition when received by the carrier.
When used with the title of a document, the term refers to an informal document presented in advance of the arrival, or preparation of the required document, in order to satisfy a customs requirement.
Project Rates
Rates established for specific project.
Proof of Delivery
Add-on service in express market, delivered either by phone or courier. Often offered free.
Pre Trip Inspection.
Purchase Order
Common grouping of orders for goods/services. Several SKU categories may be listed on one purchase order. Most customers group their orders in a particular way to facilitate distribution at the other end. For example, one purchase order for an apparel importer might encompass 2-dozen green sweaters and 2-dozen red sweaters. If those P.O.s originated from the same store, it is simple for the store to put all items under that P.O. onto the right truck.