Empowering People

Ensuring that an efficiency mentality is adopted by people throughout the organization, UASC is striving to empower everyone to make confident and informed decisions. This takes a number of forms, ranging from the pivotal role played by UASC’s crews in delivering onboard efficiency savings, to the operational decisions taken by UASC’s shore-based personnel.

  • Energy efficiency software:The energy efficiency software enables vessel operators to optimize fuel consumption. Located onboard the vessel, it equips the crew with energy system monitoring, electronic measurement logging, simulation-based decision support and extensive energy analysis. It provides an invaluable overview of our fleet’s fuel use, performance and emissions.
  • Integrated vessel control system (IVCS): UASC’s energy efficiency software is supported by a sophisticated Integrated Vessel Control System for full performance monitoring and vessel control.
  • Energy efficiency training: UASC’s HSSEQ Department conduct regular familiarization and awareness sessions for officers and crew on board our vessels, covering ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15001, SEEMP, CEEMP, ILO/MLC, and risk assessment.
  • Paperless Office Initiative: UASC has adopted the paperless office initiative to minimize the consumption of paper. Email signatures advise recipients to avoid printing an email unless absolutely necessary and all paper waste from UASC offices is recycled.

UASC also encourages its customers to process their transactions and bookings through the designated UASC online portal uasconline.uasc.net, which contributes to a considerable reduction in paper consumption, as well as greater speed and efficiency for customers.