Continuous Improvement

We are making significant strides to future-proof eco-efficiencies across the company and fleet, and to institutionalize it in the way we work. The objective of our Process Excellence Function is to drive process optimization and waste reduction across the range of initiatives.

Green passport for UASC A13 and newbuild vessels:
Green Passport for ships aims at protecting the marine environment from pollution caused by ships. The initiative covers several key areas, including ship recycling, ballast water management and greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

Member of the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG)
UASC became an official member of the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) in 2012, a global business-to-business initiative dedicated to improving the environmental performance of marine transport. The membership provides UASC direct access to environmental performance surveys and performance metrics, as well as intermodal emissions calculators and best practice sharing. The CCWG tools represent the industry standard for measuring and reporting ocean carriers’ environmental performance on carbon-dioxide emissions. This membership ensures that UASC is constantly at the forefront of environmental benchmarking.